Uwatec Dive Computer Battery Replacement

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What is the success rate?

If the dive computer was working properly before the battery went dead, there is a very high success rate with changing the battery. Occasionally, a computer has failed and caused the premature failure of the battery for which we cannot repair. If the computer cannot be repaired, we will only charge you for return shipping. If you have already removed the battery yourself, we will attempt the repair however the success rate is usually lower and cost may be higher.


We now pressure test every instrument we replace a battery in. Sometimes we find the accuracy of the computer is not what it should be and we will note that on the paper work.


It is difficult to get all the small air bubbles out of oil filled computers. Although we are quite successful at this, small bubbles may appear with time. These will in no way hinder the operation, reliability, or readability of the display and can be ignored.


Newer Smart series Uwatec computers have a simulated battery timer that we can now reset to 99%. (Smart Pro, Smart Tec, Smart Com, Nitrox Z, etc.) Battery life will be 4-7 years.


Scubapro has “bricked” many Smartcom’s. They will then offer you a “discount” on a new Galileo. If this is not acceptable, do not send your Smartcom to another dive shop or Scubapro. We have been able to revive many bricked computers at a slight additional cost.


Questions? Please read this entire page before writing or calling tbrady17@gmail.com


If you would like tracking information, include email address in box, or send email to tbrady17@gmail.com with model, serial number, name, address, and date sent.

Most Scubapro Uwatec dive computers are oil filled and must be sent out for battery maintenance. We now replace these computer batteries in our shop for less. If your computer is not pictured does not mean we can’t do it.


Scubapro no longer replaces these Uwatec batteries. They will destroy your computer and offer you a discount on a new one.


Cost if done at BRADY              $50 (includes battery and test)


Old transmitter exchange for new battery replaceable type                       $240


Smart series computers sold in the US had a lifetime free battery replacement policy which required it be sent to Scubapro through a dealer (example Smart Com, Smart Pro, Smart Tec). Scubapro will no longer service these units. We are not a Scubapro dealer and do not honor this program but we can replace the battery.


varies if I’m on a dive trip!


Citizen HyperAqualand, Promaster

three days


Casio, Timex or similar

three days


Source dive computer (pre-user replaceable)

three days


US Diver Monitor I and II, Parkway Legend computer

one week


US Diver Monitor II+
Monitor 3

one week


Beuchat Aladdin Pro

one week


New Aladdin Pro, Aladdin Sport, Aladdin Nitrox, Nitrox Z, Air Z O2, Smart Com, Smart Pro, Smart Tec, etc
(all oil filled)
(See below for types not repairable)

one week


Exchange transmitter for new
replaceable battery type

One day (if stock available)


Pressure Test to 100’

We test for accuracy and water tightness


Return Shipping (in US)


Large Priority Flat Rate





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